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PM Magazine                 Fashion Model       KHJ-TV Channel 9
What is Happiness          Interview             Cable Television
Colton Piano and Organ   Commercial           Local Television
Class TV Commercial       Speaking Roll 


1988 Orange Coast College (OCC)

AA Degree Theater Arts

Instructed by
Alex Golson .. Laguna Beach Play House (Director)


The Inseparables                 Wrote/Produced/Directed/Stage/Casting/and Sound (OCC)

KC’s Coming Home            Wrote/Produced/Directed/Stage/Casting/and Sound

Women’s Opinion        The Girl (lead) Irvine Valley College

Working Musical         Four Roles singing/acting/dancing (OCC)

Tartuff                      Maid/Soloist (OCC)

Antigone                   Antigone (OCC)

Bonnie and Clyde         Bonnie (OCC)

The Lights of B Street   Director/Hooker/Soloist

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Ensemble (OCC)

Women In History       Twice. Produced/Casting/Acted/Soloist/Directed
Hewes Elementary School

Drama Teacher           3 years at Arroyo Elementary

Holiday Show             Twice.  Produced/Directed/Wrote intro and a lot of the dialogue/movement/Minor Choreography/P.R./Stage Direction


Lights of B Street       Solo.                       OCC

Pop Concert              Three                      OCC

City Singers              Soloist/Dancer       Ensemble Touring Performers

Side By Side (Sondheim)  Singing/Dancing    OCC
2 Dance competitions      Dancing    Break dancing and mixed. 2 wins in City of LA/ City of OC

Sports Games     Soloist               National Anthem, God Bless America, and Take Me Out To the Ball Game at 12 Tustin Baseball games, 2 Tustin Football, 3 OC Flyers pro baseball    

Club                         Soloist            Guest singer at Rafaellos

Weddings/Parties        Soloist            Guest singer

Singing Talent Show    Soloist        Live band and backtrack



Jazz/Musical/Ballad/Pop/Classical.  Studied under Celeste Howanski (Opera Eagle Award winner), Karen McBride, Charles Clark (Choir Director), and Roanne Mark (OCC)

Jazz/Musical Dance 

Charise Kennard, Orange Coast College Broadway
Musical Group


Alex Golson and William Purkis (director and
producers at Laguna Playhouse Theater and Orange 
Coast College)


Orange Coast College Conservatory Member and Organizer



Direction and Production:

Directed 4 full-length productions at OCC. Wrote. produced, acted in, was sound coordinator in two of my own originals. Produced 25 vocal performance concerts, Acted in a short film, vocal director for The musical 'HONK' at Hewes Middle School


Produced two holiday productions for Prentice School K-12th grade.

Vocal Instructor:

Taught 5 years of voice class at Arroyo Elementary and 1 year at Hewes Middle School 2 years at Prentice School and 6 years through the City of Tustin and 7 years of private lessons


Taught articulation and projection and variety speaking for business spokes person. voice over person in productions, and 3 Asian students and one student with a speech impediment.


7 years as a drama teacher between Arroyo Elementary, Prentice School and City of Tustin and Private lessons

Published Work:

Book on Correct Singing, 2 scripts, 1 fictional story book, Published author of a book of poems, winner of Golden Poets award for 1988 for single poem, 1989 Silver Poet Award for a single poem, two plays and experience in writing special material.

Choreography Technical Public Relations:

Choreographed dance routines for shows/competitions Computerized Lighting Board and sound set design Spokes person Model. professional vocalist. promoter of plays and headed up OCC Conservatory



August 29, 2016

Hi Sylvia,

How are you? I am curious about what you've got going on. Here Is someth1ng I hope you can use

Sylvia's vo1ce classes are always fun. She is positive and encouraging..even when you think you can't hit those high notes. These classes have improved my confidence. plus she has a beautiful voice.

Annette C

August 10, 2016

Sylvia is a warm. enthusiastic teacher and makes students of all skill levels feel comfortable in her group classes. The class was fun! Performing regularly in front of classmates helped me overcome my extreme stage fright.

Sent from Hillary's iPhone

"May your heart always be joyful and your song always be sung."


August 25, 2016


"I took some private lessons from Sylvla, and I had a blast! She taught me from basics Including my body posture, how to open my mouth, where my voice should be coming from & etc. to applications of those techniques to sing my favorite songs. She was always very upbeat,encouraging,and knowledgeable that I was getting more and more open & expressive of myself in singing at each lesson. I highly recommend that you take her singing lessons!"


August 15, 2016

Hi..Sylvia is a great voice coach. She helped me improve my voice with the first lesson! She is very patient and encouraging. I highly reccommend her if you are looking to improve your singing.


August 22, 2016

Svlvia taught me how to breathe properly when I sing. I also learned that I need to open my mouth more.
Both of these tips have helped me find my sound even more.

Thanks - Katie