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Michael Mc Culley

 Stand Up Comedian 

I have for 15 years made unfunny people funny and funny people funnier. I have written for all types of Comedians in all their styles.
I have the unique ability to write as the person I am helping I can crawl into a persons head and think like they do. I do not and will not create cookie cutter comics. You will be your own person with your own style. I will bring out of you what you don't even know is there in a comfortable atmosphere where feel both safe and bold.

I have played in every Comedy Club in Southern California and many across the country as well as privet parties. I performed in many plays as well as been both an improv player and well as an improv instructor for over twenty years and shared the stage with many great performers. I teach you how to talk to an audience and not simply monolog. I teach you to become mesmerizing and the focus of attention and have fun at the same time. Some people go to the gym to workout their bodies.